Collaborate. Optimize. Improve Quality.

VectorCAST 6.3 enables faster release cycles and improved quality with a host of new Test Collaboration features. VectorCAST 6.3 enables team members to easily share tests and test results across the enterprise, allowing developers to ship high quality applications on-time.

Specifically, VectorCAST 6.3 provides:

  • A seamless integration with build systems, which captures the exact test configuration needed, and enables users to concentrate on testing, not test configuration.
  • Test collaboration features that allow developers to leverage SQA test results and run only the sub-set of tests affected by each source change.
  • Optimized integration with cross development tools via an easy-to-use compiler and target configuration wizards.
  • Enhanced micro-harness architecture for 8-bit microprocessors with limited resources. The micro-harness is IoT / M2M-ready providing full-featured testing on small, low power devices.
  • Easy development of the same tests cases in multiple configurations, solving challenges that arise from deploying a common code base in multiple products.