Probe Points

For Advanced White-Box Testing

The Probe Point feature provides a simple way to dynamically instrument a complete application with blocks of code (Probe Points) to enable white-box testing, inject faults and debug hard-to-repeat race conditions. Probe Points can be inserted: at the file scope, the function scope, or for any executable line of code in the application. In addition to an intuitive graphical editor, a full API is provided to the Probe Point database to enable customers to extend their existing tool chain to create and manage VectorCAST Probe Points.

Probe Points

Component Coverage

For Reducing Target Footprint

Component Coverage supports customers with limited target resources by allowing users to break their application into multiple logical components and instrument each component in isolation. This feature is integrated with the system test automation features of VectorCAST/QA which automatically runs all tests against each component and combines the coverage results into a single report.

Component Coverage

Coupling Analysis and Verification

For Avionics Certification

VectorCAST 2018 provides full support for the coupling analysis and verification required by the DO-178B and C standards for avionics certification. Static analysis is performed to identify the couples that exist in the implementation, and source code instrumentation is performed to ensure that each of the identified couples is tested. Additionally, a simple-to-use graphical component editor allows user to easily create a component definition that matches the application’s architecture.



For Collaboration and Automation

VectorCAST 2018 enables test collaboration across the enterprise with new features for test artifact sharing and maintenance, real-time analytics, and improved test automation.

  • Analytics: save and load of dashboard configurations to allow users to share layouts
  • Analytics: a “generic plugin” to simplify integrating file-based data from other tools
  • Covered by Analysis: improved portability and sharing of analysis files
  • C++ Tests: automatic test script maintenance as function and variable names change
  • Database Performance: improved performance for coverage data queries
  • Enterprise Projects: support for building environments from monitored scripts
  • Enterprise Projects: support for script and interactive building of new environments
  • Lint: Per-project analysis options
  • Unit Test Editing: a new compound test editor with updated controls
  • Updated Welcome Screen: along with new and improved examples

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