Updated Report Formats

New Easier to Read Report Formats

VectorCAST version 2019 sports a brand-new look to many of the VectorCAST HTML reports.

The new reports use a cascading style sheet (.css) for formatting. The user is invited to create their own style sheet to set custom colors and fonts.

The following reports have been updated to the new look:

  • Test Case Data report
  • Execution Results report and tab in Test Case Editor
  • Full report
  • MC/DC Equivalence Matrices report
  • Aggregate Coverage report
  • Test Case Management report and Management Report in Cover environments
  • Metrics report
  • Coverage By Analysis (CBA) report
  • Function Call Coverage report
  • Environment Overview report
  • Environment Build Log
Updated Report Formats

“Test Values” Dictionary

New “Test Values” Dictionary for Adding Test-only Symbolic Constants

VectorCAST version 2019 contains a new test-only symbolic constants feature that allows the user to supply constants stored in a portable file (.xml) rather than defined in the source file. This feature helps make test cases more portable by replacing hard-coded scalar values with symbols that can be controlled independently of the tests.

There are several benefits of this feature:

  • Improved test readability. Replacing hard-coded values with symbolic names allows the tests to be understood more easily, since you might see: maximumSpeed in place of value 200, for example.
  • Decreased test maintenance. Using symbolic names allows you to easily change the value of the symbol once rather than changing it in every test where the value is used.
  • Better support for variant testing. Symbolic names can be set to different values for different test contexts, which allow maximumSpeed to have a different value for one customer configuration, compared to another configuration.

Control Flow Graphs

Control Flow Graphs to Display and Graphically Visualize Control Flow and Code Coverage

VectorCAST 2019 now supports the capability to display and graphically visualize control flow and code coverage.

Control Flow Graphs

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