Testing Multiple Configurations

Test Every Configuration Every Time

Software applications are very often deployed in multiple configurations using different Operating Systems and Target Processors. Often configuration files, macros, and compiler options are used to control version specific functionality.

It is critical that complete testing is performed in each configuration. VectorCAST allows users to easily execute the same test cases in multiple configurations using any simulator, emulator, or embedded target.

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test multiple configurations

Leverage Test Across the Enterprise

Quality is Everyone's Job

Testing consumes a large portion of the software development budget, and it is critical that the investments made in test cases are leveraged across the entire development team, and the full application life cycle.

VectorCAST enables any team member to easily run any tests on any version of the application at any time. This results in faster release cycles and fewer bugs reaching customers.

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API Access to Testing and Coverage Data

Development groups use a variety of tools and processes, so it is critical that tools provide access to their internal data via an Application Programming Interface (API). The VectorCAST API provides access to all source code metrics, test results, and code coverage data from VectorCAST projects, and allows that data to be easily integrated into third-party dashboards and tools.


Continuous Integration and Test

Continuous Testing improves software quality and reduces time-to- market, by ensuring that every code change is completely tested prior to being committed to configuration control.

For years, software development has been a linear process with three distinct phases: design, code, and test. The time lag between coding and testing, means that hundreds of bugs can accumulate between test cycles, and these faults are only found weeks later during the next test cycle. This often results in the test phase lasting longer than the coding phase.

The VectorCAST Jenkins integration enables development groups to implement a continuous test process, where each code change is completely tested against all existing test cases prior to integration. This results in the shortest possible feedback loop for the developer, allowing bugs to be identified within minutes of code changes, rather than weeks.

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