Initially created by the FAA for Level A software, MC/DC analysis shows that each sub-condition can independently affect the outcome of the entire condition. To prove this you must be able to capture the values of the result of the condition as well as the value of each sub-condition. VectorCAST/MCDC captures this information in two formats: an annotated source listing, and the equivalence pair matrices for each boolean condition. In addition, VectorCAST/MCDC for C and C++ can automatically generate MC/DC test cases to help achieve 100% pair coverage by generating input values and setting the required test pre-conditions for each test case.

  • Aggregate coverage metrics across multiple test runs and source files
  • Ensures all parts of a complex conditional have been tested
  • Easily identifies complex conditional statements


Satisfy MC/DC Code Coverage Criterion

Originally developed for the avionics industry as a means to ensure that the highest criticality software is tested adequately, Modified Condition / Decision Coverage (MC/DC) is a method of code coverage that is required, as specified by the DO-178B and DO-178C (ED-12B Europe) standards, during the development of Level A avionics software.

MC/DC is also highly recommended for use during the development of critical software for automobiles as defined by the ISO 26262 standard and for industrial controls as defined by the IEC 61508 standard.

To satisfy the MC/DC coverage criterion, during testing all of the below must be true at least once

  • Each decision tries every possible outcome
  • Each condition in a decision takes on every possible outcome
  • Each entry and exit point is invoked
  • Each condition in a decision is shown to independently affect the outcome of the decision

SOURCE: Hayhurst, Kelly; Veerhusen, Dan; Chilenski, John; Rierson, Leanna (May 2001). "A Practical Tutorial on Modified Condition/ Decision Coverage". NASA.

VectorCAST/MCDC supports both unique cause and masking MC/DC analysis.

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VectorCAST Modified Condition/Decision Coverage features include:

  • Supports code coverage analysis requirements for software applications with the highest level of criticality:
  • Automatic MC/DC test case generation to quicken the development of a full set of MC/DC test cases
  • Static analysis of MC/DC pairs to aid in understanding what testing needs to be done
  • Full reporting and documentation for each standard to ease process of certification
  • Support for MC/DC coverage during all phases of testing, from software unit testing up through high level system or functional testing
  • Can easily be combined with statement coverage to understand full coverage analysis
  • Coverage can easily be migrated across many test runs and many source code files
  • “What if” analysis can be performed since coverage for a particular test run can be turned on/off to see its impact on overall coverage

How it Works

Measuring MC/DC Coverage with VectorCAST/MCDC

VectorCAST for MC/DC provides two levels of verification for conditional expressions. The first level, MC/DC Branches, tracks each subcondition in an expression to verify that is has been tested with both True and False values. The second level, Equivalence Pairs, verifies if each subcondition can affect the value of the condition. This is done by generating a truth table for the expression and then finding a pair of rows in the table that will generate a different result when all values except the tested value remain constant. During execution, if both rows have been executed then the test proves that by changing only the tested value, the condition's value changes.

Understanding MC/DC Analysis

The output from VectorCAST's MC/DC analysis consists of two parts: an equivalence pair matrix and an annotated source listing.

For each boolean conditional there is a corresponding pair matrix. Each row in the matrix shows a unique combination of values for the components of the complex conditional, as well as the result of the condition for each combination. The equivalence pairs are pairs of rows which demonstrate that the result of the conditional changes from True to False as one component changes, while all other components are held constant.

The Equivalence Pair Matrix shows both the static pair analysis and the pair coverage achieved. The Pair A through Pair n columns (where n is the number of sub-conditions) show candidate row pairs for proving condition components. An asterisk next to a row number indicates that that row has been covered. When an equivalence pair has been covered, the Pa through Pn summary lines reflect that information.

The following example shows a single complex conditional with the corresponding equivalence pair matrix.

This source listing shows that the “if” condition has been executed with A=True, B=True (Row 1); A=False, B=True (Row 3); and A=False, B=False (Row 4). The MC/DC branch coverage is 5/6. Five out of a total of six outcomes have been satisfied, and the pair coverage is 1 of 2 pairs satisfied.


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