Using VectorCAST to Satisfy Software Verification and Validation for ISO 26262

Software testing has traditionally been very expensive, but the cost of finding software bugs now versus the direct costs and damaged product branding associated with recalls makes thorough testing a necessity in the automotive industry.

Currently MISRA and ISO 26262 are the two software standards applying to verification and validation of vehicle-based software.

The VectorCAST embedded software testing platform provides tools for automating software module testing and code coverage activities in a way that makes complying with MISRA and ISO 26262 requirements much more efficient. All of these tools can export their individual reports in HTML or text, which have been used successfully in the past to comply with a number of demanding industrial standards inlcuding ISO 26262.

This whitepaper is intended to serve as a reference to show how the VectorCAST products can be used to satisfy the verification and validation requirements specified in the ISO 26262 standard, itself derived from IEC 61508. In summary this document provides:

  • Overview of verification and validation standards for automotive software
  • How VectorCAST supports compliance with industry regulations
  • Methods for software unit testing using VectorCAST