How to leverage dynamic testing and static verification with Polyspace | Vector Software

Combining Dynamic Testing and Static Verification with VectorCAST and Polyspace

The subtle differences between dynamic testing and static verification can be hard to understand. Both provide benefits like faster code testing, improved code quality, and fewer software bugs, however each technique focuses on a different method. Dynamic testing assesses software by making the software system react to different data inputs; unit testing, system testing, and integration testing are part of dynamic testing. On the other hand, static verification works to detect software errors by running various sets of algorithms against the source code.

This whitepaper details the differences and similarities between dynamic testing and static verification, and how Vector Software can seamlessly integrate both approaches using Polyspace. In summary this document details

  • What is dynamic testing
  • What is static verification
  • How can dyanmic testing and static verification work together
  • How to use Polyspace to fully exploit the benefits of static / dynamic testing
  • The advantages of using the Polyspace integration