The highly respected Google™ Corporation approximates that it has 8 bugs per 1000 source lines of code, each of which costs $1,500 to fix (Copeland, Patrick (2010). Innovation Factory: Testing, Culture, & Infrastructure (PowerPoint slides). Retrieved from Slide 29.). This webinar discusses the test process defined in the book: How Google Tests Software, and how the automated testing capabilities of VectorCAST can allow your organization to achieve the same benefits with a commercial test tool including:

  • How to calculate the ROI of preventing vs fixing bugs
  • What Google is doing to reduce their cost of fixing bugs
  • How to adopt a measured approach to automated testing
  • How hyper-incremental builds, harnessing the power of continuous integration and Test-Driven Development, offers tremendous efficiencies to your development process
  • How VectorCAST helps organizations increase quality and reduce time-to-market

Few organizations have the resources or staffing to implement a software quality approach like Google's. Companies that use VectorCAST for test automation can implement a similar process and get quantifiable results with a modest investment in their software test tools. Learn how now.

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