When organizations design a physical product, a significant amount of time is spent designing the manufacturing process and on the quality assurance testing at each stage of production. If the product cannot be manufactured or tested efficiently, it will be redesigned. 

In contrast to this, testing is often an afterthought for software development groups, with little thought given to the test and manufacturing process until late in the development cycle.  During the design and development phases, the focus is almost always on functionality and performance.  While these items are important, they are meaningless if the application is buggy and difficult to maintain.

This video will help you:

  • Define a software development process that spreads testing responsibilities across the entire organization and lifecycle to improve quality
  • Ensure the completeness and correctness of requirements
  • Measure the effectiveness of test activities
  • Implement a continuous and repeatable test process

Speaker: John Paliotta
                CTO, Vector Software