You ran your factory acceptance tests, and they all passed, but do you know how much of the code was tested? The software you tested passed with flying colors but measuring the code coverage of your tests can show you your software's true colors. What steps can you take to bring all of your software up to the same level of quality? In this webinar, we will show you how to set up a complete system test strategy that will allow you to run system tests more efficiently, test all of your code, and verify that all requirements are tested.

Register today and walk away with the valuable know-how that will enable you to:

  • Associate requirements to test cases through a tight integration with your requirements repository
  • Identify tests that must be run for each code change through change impact analysis
  • Run only required tests with change-based testing for faster test cycles
  • Use probe points to execute hard to reach areas of your code
  • Implement a Python script that will get your system testing up and running 
  • Leverage analytics to identify risk areas in your code, prioritize test resources, and publish KPI's across the organization