All standards for the development of safety-critical projects in aerospace, automotive, industrial and medical technology offer more or less clear guidelines as to how safety-critical software should be created and tested. However, the daily practice in current development projects shows that the topic of tool qualification for tools and applications used in software development puts many decision-makers at a disadvantage. Questions such as: "Does the programming language have to be qualified", "Is a new IT landscape in the automotive development impossible because of a tool qualification"

In this free webinar, Mr. Heininger will clean up the many rumors and half-truths from his day-to-day consulting practice and finally clarify when and where a tool qualification is necessary.


• What is a tool qualification
• Criteria for selecting the tool qualification measures
• Evaluation of the tool qualification measures
• Normative specifications of aviation
• Industry-specific tool qualification measures
• useful examples

As the founder and managing director of HEICON global engineering, Martin Heininger has been responsible for the management and execution of functional safety projects in the aerospace, industrial automation, automotive, medical and other industries for nearly twenty years.