VectorCAST for ISO 26262

The International Organization for Standardization document 26262 (ISO 26262) provides a process framework and a procedural model for the development and test of safety critical electronic systems in motor vehicles. It is a derivative of the International Electronic Commission document 61508 (IEC 61508) adapted for the challenges met in Automotive.

The VectorCAST family of tools supports the creation and management of test cases to prove that the low level software requirements have been tested and is also useful for a variety of robustness testing activities such as range and out of bounds testing. Additionally, the VectorCAST tools support the capture and reporting of structural code coverage at all levels required by ISO 26262.

Vector Software provides an off-the-shelf tool qualification package that demonstrates that the VectorCAST tool output is accurate within embedded development environments. The Vector Software IEC Certification Kit for VectorCAST provides documentation, certificates, and templates that help you use VectorCAST on projects based on the ISO 26262 standard.

This datasheet will break down the following:

  • What is ISO 26262?
  • What is VectorCAST for ISO 26262?
  • How VectorCAST Supports IEC 26262
  • IEC Qualificatition and Certification Kit