VectorCAST for DO-178B and DO-178C

Both DO-178B and DO-178C (DO-178B/C) prescribe a process to be followed in the development of airborne systems. In January 2012, DO-178C replaced DO-178B as the primary document by which the certification authorities approve all commercial software-based aerospace systems. One of the key requirements in the software verification process of DO-178B/C is achieving structural code coverage in conjunction with the testing of the high-level and low-level software requirements.

The VectorCAST family of tools supports the creation and management of test cases to prove that the low-level software requirements have been tested. Additionally, the VectorCAST tools support the capture and reporting of structural code coverage data at all levels prescribed by DO-178B/C including Level A.

DO-178B/C specifies that qualification of a software tool is necessary when processes prescribed by the document, are eliminated, reduced, or automated by the use of a tool, without its output being manually verified.

This datasheet breaks down the following elements:

  • What is DO-178B and DO-178C?
  • What is VectorCAST for DO-178B/C?
  • VectorCAST Tool Qualification Deliverable Process