VectorCAST for Business Critical Applications

Every company developing customer-facing software applications is concerned about putting their best foot forward, maintaining brand integrity, and providing valuable capabilities to their customers.

Quality applications are created by performing adequate testing to ensure that the maximum number of defects are found and eliminated from the application.

The VectorCAST family of tools supports the creation and management of unit and integration test cases to prove that the software meets its requirements. VectorCAST allows sections of the C or C++ application code that make up a functional process or that implement a related set of requirements, to be tested in isolation to ensure the code is working the way it is supposed to.

This datasheet will provide the following information:

  • What are business-critical applications?
  • How to stay competitive with business-critical applications
  • How to balance software quality with time-to-market goals
  • What is VectorCAST for business critical applications?