For more than 25 years, PRQA has been the leader in defect prevention. Our solutions, designed to work hand-in-hand with developers, promote safe coding practices and proactively ensure the highest quality code for safety-critical and mission-critical systems. World class development teams everywhere use the PRQA tool suite to ensure quality and productivity in their development processes. In fact, QA•C now has the highest adoption rate of all commercial analysis tools in the software industry. Our solutions are fast, non-disruptive, easy-to-use and closely integrated into the development process, ensuring the highest quality for business-, safety- or mission-critical needs. Our commitment to coding standards is well established. PRQA maintains full voting representation on the ISO working groups for C and C++, was a founding member of MISRA (producers of C and C++ standards) and is the originator of the highly-regarded High Integrity C++ Coding Standard. You’ll be able to accelerate your time-to-market while realizing dramatic improvements in the quality of your code and level of productivity. Our solutions serve as virtual mentors, too. Watch your team become more skilled and more productive. Your best will quickly get better and you’ll have the detailed metrics to prove it.