Vector Software offers integrations between VectorCAST and IBM® Rational® DOORS® and RequisitePro® requirements management tools:

IBM Rational DOORS
IBM Rational DOORS is requirements management software optimized for the needs of complex and embedded systems development. Rational DOORS enables you to capture, trace, analyze and manage changes to requirements and helps you to demonstrate compliance to regulations and standards. VectorCAST/RGW enables the bi-directional sharing of information between the DOORS requirements tracking tool and VectorCAST. The Requirements Gateway allows requirements information to flow from DOORS to VectorCAST, and VectorCAST information regarding pass/fail status to flow back to DOORS. This ensures that sufficient tests have been created, and proves that all requirements have been met.

IBM Rational RequisitePro
IBM Rational RequisitePro is a requirements management tool that helps project teams to manage their requirements, write good use cases, improve traceability, strengthen collaboration, reduce project rework, and increase quality. Through a simple and intuitive interface, engineers can quickly and easily link requirements in RequisitePro to VectorCAST test cases using VectorCAST/RGW (Requirements Gateway). With VectorCAST/RGW, developers can import software requirements and associate them directly to test cases and pass/fail metrics. The pass/fail mapping can then be pushed back to the Rational RequisitePro tool for complete traceability.