VectorCAST supports a wide variety of Embedded Linux and Linux-like Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). In most cases, customers will use the GNU tool chain to build applications for these RTOS's. Often the GNU tools are bundled into the distribution provided by the RTOS vendor.

Because of the similarities in the different flavors of Embedded Linux, the same VectorCAST/RSP can be used for RTOS's such as: LynxOS, LynxOS-178B, MontaVista, and PikeOS. In all cases, the VectorCAST/RSP provides a full-featured integration that allows for the download, execution and result capture using the built-in networking facilities of the target RTOS.

Depending on the networking features supported by the RTOS kernel, VectorCAST/RSP will use NFS, FTP, or SCP to download the target, and RSH or SSH to control the execution of the tests.

Regardless of the target used, or the target connection employed, VectorCAST/RSP provides a unique and sophisticated integration that allows for push-button test execution of embedded linux applications. The robustness of the network transport layer leads to fast and dependable test case execution.