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Successful companies must constantly innovate by introducing new technology to differentiate and improve their brands. A wide range of manufactured goods — from vehicles to televisions — increasingly rely on software to provide this differentiation. Many modern products have now evolved into complexly integrated technology platforms with embedded software powering their major systems.

These statistics from the automotive industry provide a great example of this: a modern car has more processing power than the Apollo lunar lander [1]. An average modern high-end vehicle has more lines of code (100M) than the latest technology in the F-35 Fighter Jet (US Joint Strike Fighter) or the Large Hadron Collider [2]. 


Software quality plays a large part in determining the value delivered by these products. Consumers have become accustomed to software that’s easy to use and, quite simply, works the way it’s supposed to. As a result, in many cases, software quality is the leading factor that ultimately has the direct correlation with the quality of the brand.