Vector Software’s VectorCAST makes testing multiple software configurations easier and more efficient with configuration-based test cases

Vector Software
, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for embedded software quality, announced today new configuration-based testing capabilities for VectorCAST test automation tools. VectorCAST is designed to make testing easier and faster, and configuration-based test cases add the ability to efficiently test software that is intended to be run in multiple configurations. 

A common practice is to combine multiple software configurations into a single code module.  For example, a collision detection code module could have configuration variants for two or more embedded electronic control units. The software is built using different build configuration settings to generate the software variant for each electronic control unit. Testing the variant code presents a problem as the expected behavior is dependent on the specific variant under test. Configuration-based test cases resolve this by selecting the test cases that are specific to the configuration. These specialized test cases will only be run in the specific configuration they were defined for.   

VectorCAST currently includes features like coverage on original source and Change-Based Testing that make the testing process easier and faster. Adding configuration-based test cases to the existing VectorCAST features further optimizes testing single-source software variants. 

“Configuration-based test cases allow multiple configurations of single-source software to be efficiently tested, saving developers a significant amount of time,” said Jeffrey Fortin, Head of Product Management at Vector Software. 

Attendees of Embedded World 2017 can view a live demonstration of configuration-based test cases (specialized tests) at the Vector Software booth in Hall 4, Stand 4-241 at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center from March 14-16, 2017. 

PDF icon Press Release: Vector Software Adds Configuration-Based Test Cases to its VectorCAST Test Automation Platform