VectorCAST/Probe (an embedded award nominee), VectorCAST/Analytics, and Configuration-Based Tests focus on ease of use and test efficiency enabling organizations to release higher quality products faster

Jeffrey Fortin, Head of Product Management

Press Release: VectorCAST/Probe (embedded award 2017 nominee) provides a simple way to dynamically instrument an application to enable fault injection to validate the error path, “hot patching” to quickly test a potential fix or to capture debug information or to simplify common
testing tasks such as gracefully exiting a loop without modifying the original source. VectorCAST/Probe is integrated with the full family of VectorCAST test automation tools. Probe Points can be inserted during Unit, API, or System Testing using VectorCAST/C++ or VectorCAST/QA.

Press Release: The latest release of VectorCAST/Analytics  provides quantifiable software code quality and test completeness metrics in a real-time, fully customizable dashboard. Available as a quick launch menu option, VectorCAST/Analytics provides users with a starting point on the current state of their code and allows them to immediately take action on key risk areas and gaps in testing, identify and manage technical debt, and prioritize valuable test resources.

Press Release: Configuration-Based Tests – it is common practice to have a single source code base that is configured into several variants.  For example, a code module like “Collision_Detection” could have variants for the embedded electronics for two different automotive brands. The module is built using two different build configuration settings to generate the code for each variant. This presents a problem in creating the test cases for the variant code as the expected behavior is dependent on the specific variant under test. Configuration-Based Tests resolve this by selecting test cases that are specific to the configuration. These test cases will only be run in the specific configuration they were defined in.

Event: Niroshan Rajadurai, Executive Vice President - EMEA, Australia, New Zealand, will be presenting a speech titled Dynamically Proving That Security Issues Exist on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 3:30 to 4:00 PM CET in the Exhibitor’s Forum, Hall 4, Stand 4-422.

Event: Vector Software will be conducting partner presentations in their booth March 14-16, 2017.  Partners will include: Green Hills, IAR, ARM-KEIL, STM, Lauterbach, Infineon, Microchip, Brightskies Technologies, Qt, Renesas, Sysgo, Solid Sands, Qualcomm, WITTENSTEIN, Altium, and SOMNIUM.

Embedded World is taking place March 14-16, 2017.  Above press releases will be distributed on each day of the event.

Partner booth presentations will take place all three days in the Vector Software booth – Hall 4, Stand 4-241. For a complete schedule check our website soon.

Nuremberg, Germany

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