Tightly Linked Tool Chain Improves Software Quality by Connecting Testing to Requirements

Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for robust embedded software quality, announced integration today with Jama. This collaboration helps engineering and QA professionals boost software quality by using the VectorCAST™ test tool and Jama Test Management to link test cases to requirements, run test plans, and log related defects to ensure complete test coverage. Jama Software’s test management solution is tightly integrated with its requirements management and collaboration capabilities for seamless workflows between product planning and quality assurance professionals.

The integration of the VectorCAST tools with Jama enables developers to import software requirements from Jama into VectorCAST, assign these requirements to VectorCAST test cases, and then after the tests have been executed, export test results back to Jama. This highly customizable integration can be easily tailored to a specific Jama configuration, and requires only a network connection to the Jama Web Service for communication, with no additional software required.

Due to its tight integration across the define, build and test phases of product delivery, Jama Test Management gives developers full traceability by housing requirements in the same place as the test cases. Unlike traditional test management tools that simply organize test activities, Jama leverages the team’s collaboration to focus testing efforts on high-risk areas — resulting in increased quality and reduction in costly software errors. The benefit of basing test cases on requirements is that developers can evaluate functional requirements, analysis models, and prototypes as soon as portions of the requirements stabilize, and find and correct problems before they significantly impact the project.

It’s exciting to see companies, including Vector Software, building integrations with Jama. The flow provides perfect end-to-end traceability and improves software quality. Users can link VectorCAST test cases to requirements that originate in Jama, execute the test cases and have the results appear within Jama’s testing environment, already linked to those requirements,” said Derwyn Harris, Jama Co-Founder and Product Manager. “It’s awesome!”

“Testing based on requirements is a key to improving software quality,” said John Paliotta, Chief Technology Officer, Vector Software, “and we are pleased to offer joint users of Jama and VectorCAST this intuitive and highly automated integration.” 

PDF icon Press Release: Vector Software Offers Integration with Jama Software

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