Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 11:00am
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This webinar is in CEST Time.

In some of our last webinars we talked about tool qualification and the role of the compiler in functional safety projects. Now we will offer again an outstanding webinar regarding the compiler qualification in functional safety projects. Compiler qualification simplifies and speeds up application development by easing application testing requirements. Compiler qualification has many other benefits as well. Setting up compiler qualification in-house provides flexibility in your choice of the compiler and how you use it. Besides that, it provides peace of mind - compilers are themselves five-million lines extremely complex programs that perform a crucial step in application creation.The ISO 26262 standard provides the requirements and actions of the tool qualification process. We will walk through the standard and discuss how it is applied to compilers. The standard offers four methods for tool qualification but as we will see, not all are suitable for compilers.

With this presentation, we will give you an overview of the benefits of compiler qualification and of what is actually involved in the process of compiler qualification according to ISO 26262.


  • What ISO 26262 says about Compilers
  • Reasons to Qualify your Compiler
  • Qualification Process
  • Live demo


Marcel Beemster is CTO at Solid Sands, prior he was assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam and became a compiler developer at ACE Associated Compiler Experts. He is a great fan of the C programming language. Marcel is well aware of the dangers and pitfalls that C presents, and his long-term goal is to make sure that our C programs and C compiler implementations are of the highest quality possible. Solid Sands is the creator of the SuperTest compiler test and validation suite for C and C++.

Jason Masters is Software Engineer and currently working as Field Application Engineer at Vector Informatik. Jason previously worked at a static analysis tool vendor where he became a passionate advocate of software quality. He has more than 20 years of experience of software design, development and testing.