Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 11:00am
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Too often, teams work without understanding the context of what they are building and why, creating silos where there should be alignment. Fortunately, there is a solution: traceability. By linking test cases and code coverage to the business and technical requirements teams can better understand what they are building. For companies building regulated products according to strict standards, this added context and traceability is essential.

Join Vector and Jama Software for a webinar on October 25th as we cover how the VectorCAST Requirements Gateway connects to Jama Connect and creates an integration allowing the entire organization to see clearly what the team is building and what, if any, gaps remain. You will learn how to:

  • Identify problems early on in the process before they significantly impact the project
  • Leverage team collaboration to focus testing efforts on high-risk areas
  • Simplify Validation and Verification by linking test cases to code coverage
  • Ease the burden of proving compliance to standards and regulations such as ISO 26262 and DO-178
  • Improve quality and reduce errors by linking test cases to requirements

Kevin Andrewjeski, Jama SoftwareKevin Andrewjeski, is a Sr. Account Executive at Jama Software leading the team dedicated to our customers in the Semiconductor industry, gaining deep knowledge around teams supplying the Automotive industry. Prior to joining Jama, Kevin was the Director of Business Development for SafeTec Compliance Systems. Both as a project manager and sales professional, Kevin excels in partnering with companies to translate highly technical engineering challenges into tangible business value.


Jeffrey Fortin, VectorJeffrey Fortin is a product manager for VectorCAST at Vector Software (now part of Vector Informatik). In this role, Mr. Fortin is responsible for driving business for all VectorCAST products into legacy markets as well as emerging market segments. Previously, Mr. Fortin served more than 16 years at Wind River. As director of product management, he oversaw product planning and strategy for Wind River’s Intelligent Device Platform (IDP), an Intelligent IoT gateway for industrial and medical applications. Also during his time there, he served as director of field engineering where he led field teams focused on Industrial, Medical, IoT, and Aerospace and Defense (A&D) applications.