Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 11:00am

ISO 26262 is the Functional Safety standard for road vehicles. It defines the requirements for building safe automotive equipment and is being adopted by automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. A key piece of ISO 26262 is thorough software testing. Do you understand how this new standard will affect your company’s development and test process? How are other companies in your industry managing their adoption of the ISO 26262 testing requirements? 

In this webinar, you will learn how a major automotive company is adopting this standard, the challenges they have encountered, and the lessons they have learned.

Topics to be discussed include:

    • What are the main components of ISO 26262 as it relates to software testing
    • Theory vs practice – what is the background of each ISO requirement and how does it improve the quality of the product while keeping testing efficient
    • What types of testing are traditionally done and what is the benefit of each
    • How has ISO 26262 impacted this company’s testing philosophy and activities (ASIL and QM projects)
    • Where does AUTOSAR and SW-Platform development/testing fit into this
    • What lifecycle tools, like VectorCAST, have been adopted to achieve ISO 26262
    • Where is this company headed next with the adoption of ISO 26262

The presenter for this webinar is Sandro Bretterklieber, founder of REBUG GmbH in Austria.  Sandro holds a degree in Information Technology/IT Marketing and Business Administration. He has a comprehensive technical knowledge of software development and testing on high performance 32-bit processors as well as on resource-limited micro controllers.  Sandro deals increasingly in the areas Test Management/Coordination, Test Automation, Test Strategies and of course Software Testing where he is also working on other areas of the whole software development process. He has several years of practical experience with safety relevant projects that meet ISO 61508 and ISO 26262.