October 29, 2013

Railway software has made great strides in recent years, leading to massive improvements for the train operations that employ it efficiently. Now, one man is hoping to help the field make another leap forward.

Ian Duffy, of ID Computing in England, has created a product that he claims will massively reduce inefficiencies in railroad operations, according to the Derby Telegraph. He recently demonstrated his TrainScape software at a railroad exhibition, and early reviews are positive. The product collects and stores data on the condition of various rail assets and creates reports about them. It's a project unlike anything he'd ever done before,  but he is proud of the results.

"I had never done anything like the Railtex exhibition before but there was a lot of interest," he said, according to the source. "I've always wanted to be more than just a software services company and to develop my own products but it has been a slow process. Then I heard about the Derby Enterprise Growth Fund and made a conscious decision to go for it."

Whether Duffy's product can change the industry for the better remains to be seen. But before any software such as this hits the market, it has to go through the rigorous and essential process that his TrainScape is currently going through, such as C++ testing and other examinations. 

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