October 29, 2013

Railway software is essential to the operation of railroad companies around the world, and now one company is doing its best to integrate it all to boost efficiency.

Norfolk Southern Railway company has over 400 different software programs it uses to control stock, trains and freight containers, but that vast array of different applications can make for difficult operations at times. Now, it is hoping to combine them, according to Computer Weekly. It's part of a broader effort toward improved asset utilization, according to Robert Miller, manager for enterprise architecture at the company.

"We can't really build lots of new track to get from A to B faster," he  told the source. "We are restricted on how we can move trains through the network. But what we can do is create as many asset utilization improvements as we can. We can know things quicker and determine opportunities and threats in a more timely fashion."

Miller is right about the power of continuous integration and better software - it can change an operation without any physical improvements. Central to the process, however, is better testing standards - and Norfolk Souther now faces the rigorous process to make sure its new design is safe and functional.

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