September 30, 2013

Seattle is currently in the process of constructing additional train lines for its transportation system that connect the local Capitol Hill and University of Washington to the track, according to The Seattle Times. The construction has gone well, and many are eagerly anticipating the railway software testing to ensure that the trains can perform smoothly.

The goal for the project is to open by September 24, 2016, but many officials believe it is on pace to launch far earlier in the year. The project, which was slated for $1.95 billion, is scheduled to have almost $105 million in reserve left over, as well. Many are excited about the early potential, including Josh Kavanagh, University of Washington transportation director.

"Having people be able to practice the means of commuting they will use during the school year would be wonderful," he told the source.

The big challenge will come in the form of embedded software, which has not yet been implemented. The testing will be conducted slowly and in accordance with high standards in order to ensure the trains can operate safely. The advances in testing have made the process stringent, but with them trains continue to reach new heights of safety and convenience in modern times.

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