October 28, 2013

Railway software is a hugely important part of the way trains have evolved over the past several decades, and embedded software testing has played a huge part in that. In Melbourne, Australia, however, the lack of updates shows the dangers of not staying current with evolving technology.

Melbourne's train system runs on a 30-year-old computer system, the Metrol, according to The Sidney Morning Herald. Its replacement has finally arrived after years of political wrangling over the system, an $88 million project called the Train Control and Monitoring System. Although it faces a battery of railway software testing in the coming days, it is set to change the way the rail runs, one spokeswoman told the source.

''The scope of the Metrol replacement project is to monitor and control the same area of the metropolitan railway as the existing system, with improved interconnectivity with other systems that will help improve…service delivery,'' she said.

Evolving methods in areas such as software unit testing have helped to improve a number of processes, including train operation. It's positive that Australia has finally decided to update what one politician once called "a sad tale of...delay."

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