September 19, 2013

Innovation spurs the growth of technology in all fields, from aerospace software testing to computer engineering. As the fields evolve quickly, new inventions bring about possibilities previously thought to be impossible.

Microchips, for instance, are advancing quickly in a variety of ways, according to Nature. Recently, one postdoc demonstrated the possibilities of a new optical chip prototype for investors from a consumer electronics firm, and they were impressed by its unprecedented resiliency. First, the researcher held the chip aloft to show its pristine state, then he shook it violently to show it was unperturbed. The fluid inside had not leaked, and the investor was impressed. Suddenly, the researcher threw it to the ground. After picking it up, the man placed it under a microscope and showed the investor that it still worked flawlessly. It was an incredible advance, one that will have an entire field excited about its potential in the years to come.

Demonstrations such as these show the continuing advances in technology that allow for great quality. It all comes from advanced testing, and people in many fields have continuing strides made in embedded software testing to be thankful for the smooth operations of many modes of transportation.

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