August 28, 2013

Industrial control software has always been a vital part of many processes, and in recent years that essence has only grown. Companies now use the software in an increasing variety of tasks, and it has become the focus of many different sectors, according to a recent article in Design News.

The software can not only take on more complex tasks now, the source notes, it also greatly improves ease-of-use. The latest advances in robot machine-tending software, for instance, allows for full simulation and optimization to take place in a virtual environment entirely in three dimensions. It was an opportunity unimaginable years ago, yet now it has completely changed the process of the work.

As it changes the ways many people do their jobs, it is increasingly essential that industrial control software testing take center stage. The software is so integral to the processes that, should a failure occur, it can completely cripple operations for a long period of time. Designers need to be sure that their products are robust and ready, secure in fighting off potential threats to operational efficiency.

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