September 30, 2013

Many in the energy industry are increasingly worried about potential threats to industrial control systems, according to ComputerWorld. While the possibilities have not yet been fully realized, embedded software testing will play a vital role going forward in keeping these areas safe.

The latest threat is from phishing, according to the source. Many worry about repeats of previous weapons such as StuxNet and Flame, but now the more old-fashioned phishing techniques have taken hold again, according to Rohyt Belani, CEO and co-founder of PhishMe, a firm that specializes in anti-phishing training.

"The way malware is getting into these internal networks is by social engineering people via email," Belani said, according to the source. "You send them something that's targeted, that contains a believable story, not high-volume spam, and people will act on it by clicking a link or opening a file attached to it,"

Attacks can even come directed at particular individuals who have been researched by hackers. It may be an old method, but it continues to create new problems. Training such as that offered by Belani can play an important role, and industrial control software testing will help as well. It's vital to the energy industry's infrastructure to keep out potential threats, and strong software can do that.

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