December 06, 2013

A German telco is moving forward with continuous integration within several enterprise billing processes with the assistance of service virtualization, according to a published report.

EWE TEL has markedly enhanced the performance of applications and the capacity for quality productions of end users, reports. The firm also moved ahead with predictive insights for behavior within composite application services.

"We're working together more closely and earlier in the process," quality management and testing leader Bernd Schindelasch told the publication. "What's coming in the future is that the developers will start to use service virtualization for their continuous integration, because service virtualization has the potential to change the performance model, so you can let your application answer slower or faster."

The various protocols differ in the steps one has to take when embarking on the process, he told the publication. But that opens the opportunity for users to permit the system to function as would a proxy and it will proceed to learn the system.

The top objective is optimizing the system throughout the use of end-to-end testing, the quality management and testing leader told the news source.

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