February 19, 2013

The United States Military has developed micro drones that look similar to relatively small insects but contain lethal power. According to a recent Mashable report analyzing a National Geographic feature on the technology, these drones set the foundation for a future that is far different from the present.

According to Mashable, the drones are so powerful and small that they could have a major impact on many aspects of life. However, they are also extremely lethal, despite their small form factor, and may change how many countries handle everything from fighting wars to performing police actions.

These types of technologies are built on embedded software. If the software malfunctions, a drone could end up killing a civilian, starting a global conflict or otherwise impacting the lives or many people. Effective embedded software testing is, therefore, essential.

Combat drones are only one part of a future that will likely see many devices connected to the web and capable of intelligently responding to conditions around them. Everything from self-driving cars to environmentally aware lighting systems could play a major role in many settings within the relatively near future. As a result, the importance of embedded software and effective testing is growing quickly.

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