July 17, 2013

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory has developed a new system built to analyze weaponry through the use of complex simulation and modeling software. They have termed the project the Smart Weapon End-to-End Performance Model, and its intent is to allow military software to observe certain weapons and attacks in combat situations - without ever leaving the lab.

The system was completed in April 2013, and researchers are hopeful that it will make the entire weapons development process more efficient by cutting down on unnecessary projects. SWEEPM allows for accurate simulation of intense combat situations, and will allow full testing so designers know what works and what doesn't before combat happens. Every phase from target engagement, detection and damage estimation are all precisely modeled within the system. 

The Army has referred to this project as progress toward smart weapons, much as the rest of society is leaning toward smart systems for everything from phones to cars. With the military adopting the same tech-heavy approach, accuracy becomes a heavy concern. This software is designed to ensure the safety of American soldiers, as any errors in testing could easily be deadly. With so much on the line, meticulous military software testing is the best way to preserve as many lives as possible. 

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