January 08, 2013

Embedded software has always been a critical solution. Whether in automobile, railway or avionic settings, embedded software solutions are integral to the operations of various key systems. However, the rise of connected devices and the growing need for rapid data communication between systems are making embedded software more important than ever.

While discussing trends to be covered in an upcoming issue, The Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering explained that the growing importance of embedded software has a number of key implications from a testing perspective.

Even devices with significant hardware limitations are being pushed to perform better through web connectivity and advanced communications capabilities. The news source said that these capabilities combined with the breadth of the industry make embedded software testing extremely important. This is especially true as more advanced development processes become prominent and inefficient testing can limit the effectiveness of a project.

As testing becomes more important, effective tools that enable automation and other advanced functions are gaining relevance in the sector. In many cases, the right testing systems can complement the skills of a development team to improve the time to market of an embedded software solution. They can also improve its performance when it is released.

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