September 12, 2013

As aerospace software becomes more complicated and infiltrates nearly every part of the craft, software testing is keeping apace. It's a trend that requires a great deal of coordination, as Military and Aerospace Electronics notes, sometimes between multiple different teams.

Now, with unmanned drones flying through the skies and demanding huge amounts of software functionality, embedded software testing has become even more critical than ever. As more funds are put into these aircraft, testing becomes a matter of protecting an investment as well. George Romanski, who works for a software company, spoke to the source about the difficulties of the final tests.

"Estimates are developed and panic sets in," Romanski said. "The certification effort can be as high as the development effort, depending on the design assurance level. Budget and schedule pressures mount to get the certification done. Teams are put in place to develop verification evidence, which means a large number of tests."

It's a huge undertaking, and one that requires trustworthy partners. Yet when done properly, it is what keeps aerospace going well. The continuing development of software testing and quality assurance has been vital to the continuing development of the sector.

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