November 01, 2013

As technology has advanced, many have grown used to the convenience provided by touchscreens on mobile devices. Now, the technology is set to become even more widespread, perhaps moving into the cockpit with new aerospace software systems, according to Avionics Magazine.

This was one of the revelations revealed at the 2013 National Business Aviation Association convention recently, where the future of cockpit software was extensively discussed and, in some cases, demonstrated. The touchscreen would not be some ostentatious but unimportant implementation, though - it could allow for better piloting practices, according to Joe Razo, principal marketing manager of Pro Line Fusion.

"It's a heads-up eyes-forward flying flight deck operating philosophy," said Razo. "So while you maintain your scan, you can reach up and touch and you can make changes to the avionics system without breaking your concentration and your focus and looking down."
When the touchscreen can make its debut will depend greatly on the embedded software system testing process. Companies working to install the technology will have to put it through the rigorous testing necessary to make sure it's safe to fly - but hopefully, it and the other innovations demonstrated at the conference will be safe and ready soon.
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