October 17, 2013

A high-tech helmet design, one of the key components for the new F-35 fighter, has been selected, according to DefenseNews. The Pentagon has chosen a designer, and will be moving forward with the project.

The helmet will provide pilots with a wealth of information in their line of vision, allowing them to see all around the aircraft as well as enabling them to quickly update their appraisal of their situation. The recent decision was an important part of moving forward with the project, according to F-35 program head Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan.

"There are two pieces to a helmet downselect to me," Bogdan said. "One is a technical aspect. Once we decide on a single helmet, we need to make darn sure it's going to meet the requirements for the warfighter."

Now, the embedded software component needs to be perfected, and it will require a great deal of unit testing. These advances are within reach for the Pentagon and its partners, ready to help make a difference in the defense industry. In large part, leaps in technology such as these owe thanks to the massive advances made in embedded software testing.

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