September 30, 2013

As combat evolves, the aircrafts necessary continue to advance rapidly in order to face the modern demands of the military. Now, as one new craft works toward implementation, it needs greatly improved military software in order to achieve ready status, according to AIN Online.

The F-35 is an aircraft currently under development for a variety of purposes, scheduled to be introduced in a few years. Yet there could be delays in its arrival due to the software needs, Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan recently told a conference.

"[The F-35] would likely need significant support from other fourth-generation and fifth-generation combat systems to counter modern, existing threats, unless air superiority is somehow otherwise assured and the threat is cooperative," he said, according to the source.

As the military moves forward, the software in the crafts plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of pilots. Embedded software testing is an important part of the development and implementation process, helping to make a plane that is safe at all times as it flies through the skies.

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