December 03, 2013

U.S. helicopter pilots are in need of assistance when it comes to avoiding enemy radar and radar-guided missiles and weapons, according to a published report.

For that reason, aviation experts with U.S. special operations are looking to the industry for assistance with the matter, Avionics-Intelligence reports.  The Fort Eustis, Virginia-based U.S. Special Operations Command Special Operations Mission Planning Office has issued an announcement for Threat Modeling for Enhanced Helicopter Mission Planning program.

The effort drives toward augmenting capacities for the FalconView Portable Flight Planning Software based mission planning circumstances as a method of enhancing helicopter pilots' capacities to review the scenarios of planned routes and missions. Officials are in pursuit of new software tools that will upgrade the survivability of helicopters against threats posed by radars.

A strong software model will help present the radar environment where slow-moving, low-hovering choppers frequently fly. The tools should offer predictions that are on the mark for radar detection ranges for attributes of vehicles and threats.

Tools that assist with helicopter mission planning help penetrate airspace that is hostile as a method of ensuring safety of the helicopter pilots.

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