September 24, 2013

As so many industries have rapidly evolved to embrace cutting-edge technology, it has been necessary to ensure that the embedded software testing has kept pace. Without high standards for embedded software technology, one expert notes, the most recent innovations could not have been possible.

Loofie Gutterman has spent years in the avionics software testing industry, according to Avionics Intelligence. Gutterman has seen the changes in technology, yet he worries that some companies have not updated testing operations as quickly as they have updated their technology.

"Many of today's aerospace systems were designed decades ago with a projected life cycle of 15 to 30 years," Gutterman told the source. "The test equipment deployed with these systems was most likely state-of-the-art at the time and it probably provided an effective test solution for those products based on the test technology available at that time. Over the years, these aerospace systems have undergone many upgrades and improvements but in most cases, the testers originally deployed with these systems remained unchanged - and therefore inadequate."

Gutterman has a unique perspective on the situation, and it is hard to deny that businesses have an obligation to remain current in embedded software testing. Better efforts in the area can lead to sustained success, as well as safer releases.

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