September 19, 2013

Aviation software has helped to make the operation of planes far more efficient and safe - one rarely hears complaints about the performance of commercial jets in the air. Yet the delays on the ground can be the subject of much frustration. However, the biggest name in aerospace software, NASA, is attempting to make a novel contribution in this arena, according to KHOU.

NASA is aiming to reduce delays with new software that can help to coordinate the complex liftoff schedule in a novel way. It could create a very noticeable improvement, according to Tom Davis, Chief, Aviation Systems Division, NASA Ames Research Center.

"It's going to reduce your delays in bad weather maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and in not so bad weather you are going to feel less delay on the ground and a little bit less delay in the air," said Davis.

Such a contribution could go hand in hand with the great strides being made inside the cockpit. Once these planes take off, the technology has ensured very few problems, thanks in large part to the advances in embedded software testing.

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