October 09, 2013

Boeing's Dreamliner has been the subject of a great deal of attention as its rollout has continued in recent months, and now, Australia's first version of the aircraft is set to make its transatlantic voyage for Jetstar. The plane will be closely watched by many workers on American shores.

Thus far, the plane has performed very well, according to Mike Fleming, vice president of services and support for 787s.

"After the delivery of the airplane, they've been doing crew training here at Paine Field and also between Paine Field and Moses Lake and Moses Lake and Spokane ," said Fleming. "So the team has been watching that airplane as it's gone through all of its flights and so far the airplane's been flying pretty clean.''

Of all the tools the team will be utilizing, the aircraft health management software will be most important, according to the source. It will collect all the data points of the plane and offer continual assessments, assuring those watching of the ongoing performance. It's a vital tool, one that wouldn't be possible without the unit testing tools so important to the software of today.

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