January 25, 2013

A new smart brake solution designed by Volvo and build on advanced embedded software systems could prevent accidents and help truck drivers avoid crashes, Mashable reported.

According to the news source, the new safety solution from Volvo will provide automated braking functionality that has the potential to give truck drivers key safety capabilities. 

The report explained that many accidents occur when traffic slows or stops suddenly in front of trucks and unresponsive brakes or fatigued drivers are unable to respond in time. Volvo's solution is an integrated braking system that analyzes road conditions using radar technology and alerts drivers about changing conditions. If traffic slows in front of a truck, a red light will flash to alert drivers. If the light goes unnoticed by the driver, a beeping noise will ensue. If these warnings do not lead to a response, the vehicle's brakes will be triggered for a gentle slow down. If the driver does not respond and road conditions dictate a drastic response, the truck's emergency brake will engage to make it stop.

This type of technology emphasizes the importance of embedded software testing. The software that enables the truck safety system has to function perfectly or it will become a major risk. As a result, testing is necessary to ensure the software operates flawlessly.

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