March 29, 2013

The implications of driverless cars are considerable. Through a combination of embedded software, advanced sensors, cameras and monitoring solutions, cars can be driven, safely, without an operator. A recent KDLG Public Radio report explained that Google driverless cars have already logged 300,000 miles without an accident. At the same time, the trend is beginning to impact a variety of sectors.

In an interview with the news source, Joshua Jacobs, co-founder of the Conservative Future Project, explained that safety issues are not the only thing that has to be considered with driverless vehicles. Thinking about the other implications of the technology is key because solutions are already having a major impact on the trucking sector.

"Sure. It's a trend we're already starting to see today," Jacobs told KDLG when asked if trucking companies will be early adopters for driverless vehicles. "If you look at mining companies, ... Rio Tinto, Anglo American - some of the big mining companies have already either purchased driverless trucks for their mines."

As driverless cars gain prominence, the value of embedded software testing could skyrocket. Driverless vehicles depend heavily on software to make safe driving decisions, creating an environment in which testing is integral to passenger protection.

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