September 02, 2011

Continuous integration being used as a tool for development is fairly common. However, TechTarget writer Howard Deiner said this week that the possibility of including the system in unit testing procedures is one that should be considered.

"We recognize that simply satisfying the compiler and packager is a pretty shallow compliment to pay when we're looking for quality code. So, the team will then start to add unit tests (ideally, they write these unit tests first, and with the code, as part of a test driven development process,)" Deiner wrote for the news source.

The team can then move on to running acceptance-level testing protocols - preferably overnight, since they take a long time - and integrating functions that would otherwise be a part of a separate QA process into the newly expanded continuous integration framework.

Experts note, however, that teams must be careful not to over-automate these procedures. For effective security and QA testing, experienced human oversight is at least needed to make sure that the automated test systems are functioning properly.

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