September 15, 2011

Although specialized testing staff are critical to the process of test driven development, such a methodology requires the concerted efforts of an entire team, according to an article from TechTarget.

"The whole team takes responsibility for all testing activities, such as automating tests and doing manual exploratory testing. As a result, the whole team thinks constantly about designing code that makes these tasks easier to complete. They work together to keep technical debt at a manageable level," contributor Lisa Crispin wrote.

Making sure that specialists don't get grouped in a single team is an important consideration, according to Crispin, who described the resulting concentration - and isolation - of expertise as siloing. She said that the benefits of a well-run team that can accomplish a number of different tasks outweigh those of a specialized, single-purpose group.

System testing, according to experts, has also been made simultaneously more thorough and easier to perform recently by the advent of automated testing systems and continuous integration servers, which check for bugs and potential security flaws.

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