June 30, 2016

tweet Henrik Rexed, Performance Specialist, Neotys, explains the power of performance testing in agile. Let’s face it: agile is a fact of life. Perhaps you’re not a ‘full agile’ shop and maybe you’re not doing continuous integration or even talking about DevOps yet, but the reality is that pressures are increasing to realise many of the benefits, like quality and speed, that are inherent in agile or ‘agile‑like’ development methodologies.

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How Integrated Test Management Accelerates Continuous Delivery - This video, featuring guest speaker Diego Lo Giudice, VP, Principal Analyst, Application Development & Delivery, Forrester Research, Inc. Diego focuses on Application Development & Delivery Professionals, and is a leading expert on SDLC processes and practices, covering Agile development, Agile and Lean transformations, Agile sourcing strategies and services, Agile testing practices and tools, DevOps, and software testing and quality.  

The Importance of Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing - Continuous integration and continuous testing are at the forefront of software-led businesses. The goal is to develop code faster and more efficiently without compromising quality. It provides developers with fast and continuous feedback on the quality of the latest build or release candidate. Since testing is done continuously, risks are quickly exposed allowing development teams to prevent problems from progressing to the next stage of development. This greatly reduces the cost, time, and effort finding and correcting defects. 


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