October 21, 2015

The evolving threat landscape doesn't merely expose developers to new problems. It exposes them to old problems that they need to address sooner, faster, and more frequently.

Smart hardware is only as good as its software. Manufacturers have known for a long time that putting "glitchy" software on-board devices is asking for trouble. We’ve seen countless examples of violations of good coding and architectural practices that cause an application to be less reliable and less secure.

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IoT - The Impact of Numerous Connected Objects to Systems Testing - Internet of Things (IoT) is the technology of the future. Is it? In reality IoT is already here. IoT is already bringing more and more things such as cars, home appliances, and other goods into the digital fold every day. According to IDC reports we will have 212 billion connected devices by 2020. What challenges will we face to assure quality of future IoT systems with numbers of connected devices? Do we have to reinvent the wheel for all industries now?  The answer is no – global telecommunication networks are used to connect millions of users for years. Let’s ask about good practices in system software testing the industry with the most experience, the telecommunication industry.

Software Quality and The Industrial Internet of Things: Why It Matters NOWWhat’s already clear is that in a nutshell, with every electronic device having network connectivity , every manufacturer of electronic devices will essentially be in the software business.

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