November 25, 2015

We've compiled a list of some of the most concerning medical devices that are vulnerable to hacking. The post Medical Devices That Are Vulnerable to Life-Threatening Hacks appeared first on WIRED .

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Related Resources:  Software Quality and the Industrial Internet of Things: Why it Matters NOW - The International Telecommunication Union defines the Internet of Things (IoT) as a global infrastructure for the information society, enabling advanced services by interconnecting physical and virtual things based on existing and evolving interoperable information and communication technologies.  What’s already clear is that in a nutshell, with every electronic device having network connectivity, every manufacturer of electronic devices will essentially be in the software business.

Understanding IEC 62304: Best Practices & Avoiding MistakesThis video will enable you to:


  • Quickly understand IEC 62304, the international standard for medical device software;
  • Contrast IEC 62304 with CMMI and other safety-critical standards
  • Understand the top five mistakes in applying IEC 62304 and how to avoid them
  • Understand the top five Best Practices in successful IEC 62304 deployment
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