January 29, 2014

The graphics of a popular video game operation are set to be improved in the near term, according to a published report.

Microsoft has laid plans to enhance the Xbox One, which might include software unit testing, The Christian Post reports. Gameplay will improve while voice input processing will remain constant.

"As a person who's been pretty involved in building Xbox Live for the last decade, I take it pretty seriously when people say it's harder to get into a party, and the defaults aren't right, and I don't like the model. So what I'm trying to do with the team is kind of theme some stuff up," chief product officer Marc Whitten with Microsoft said. "Let's take an update and really go through a big list of what we're hearing from customers, what we know is broken with the architecture, areas that we want to improve or complete. I think that's a theme you'll really see us push on- that Live experience."

The system's social features also are set for improvement as a result of a software update, the news source reports.

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